Art Ventures International
Art Ventures International is an art advisory firm
assisting both private and institutional clients in the creation, development and management of sophisticated art collections. Our team will help you build a diverse
art collection that has significant aesthetic, historic and market value.

We specialize in finding art that is visually engaging, original and intellectually challenging. Through a combination of art historical knowledge, product accessibility and market savvy, our team will devise a collecting strategy to suit your own personal taste and

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Art Ventures International:
Setting A New Standard in the Art World

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style, while also expanding your exposure to new and exciting art. We offer truly impartial advice, based on a keen eye for high quality artwork and a complete understanding and knowledge of the art market.

While Art Ventures prides itself on making collecting a passionate and thrilling experience, we also view art as an attractive alternative investment. And now more than ever, the complexity of the art market necessitates improved strategies - including increased access and focused analysis - making the assistance of an experienced advisor prudent for any collector.